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Ad Age: Deutsche Telekom Pulls Back Curtain On ‘Radical’ New Media Approach


The company has broken up its media processes into five “Lots”: media strategy and steering; media analytics services; campaign planning and buying services; programmatic buying operation services; and search advertising and affiliate marketing services.

The media strategy and steering will come in-house at Deutsche Telekom and serve as a sort of central nervous system for the rest of its agency partnerships. The company has chosen to delegate campaign planning and buying services to GroupM, and says it’s close to making decisions for who will handle programmatic and media analytics. It just began the process to find an agency for search advertising and affiliate marketing, so that decision will likely take longer than the others. The new collaboration will affect the company’s European footprint, consisting of 13 Telekom subsidiaries, and is supposed to kick off on Jan. 1, 2018.

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